Almost Summer

Shasta Forest Snow

In the previous blog we mentioned that we encountered a lot of weather including what you’re looking at in the image above. It was a month from the first day of summer and this was the scene. On top of an existing few feet of snow pack, several inches fell the day before, turning the side of the mountain into a winter wonderland. There was no sign of spring, let alone summer, but it was excellent for a few spirited snowball fights!

It was also great for some nice photography! Here on Mount Shasta, the snow blanketing the trees and the persistent mountainside fog gave the landscape a dream-like quality. The mountain never revealed its face but there was so much more to photograph! The weather had cast a beautifully soft, quiet spell that was interrupted only by an occasional by snowball whizzing past our ears.

All Photographs © 2019 Sharon Lobel Photography and John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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