Striking a Pose

Another from Yellowstone National Park! This 3rd blog posting in a row from Yellowstone is just one of scores of great images captured of multiple sightings of many different species. It’s hard to pick a favorite! It was a very active photographic week that we enjoyed immensely!

In this image, a pronghorn poses atop a rise in Yellowstone National Park. People call them “pronghorn antelope” but they are not in fact, antelope. They are their own species, more related to giraffes than antelope or deer. The one thing they certainly are is fast! Adults have been clocked at over 60mph in short bursts and can sustain about 35mph for miles. They are the fastest wild land animal in North America and probably second fastest only to the cheetah in the world.

Most of the time however they are not breaking speed records. They do what this fellow is doing; ambling around looking for grass and grazing. This is Springtime in Yellowstone. When the snow melts, there is plenty of tasty new grass and many pronghorns to take advantage of it!

We’re in the planning stages for a repeat trip to Yellowstone next year. Our groups are small so let us know if you are interested!

All Photographs © 2019 Sharon Lobel Photography or John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.††††††

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