American Bison

First things first – We need to mention the Buffalo in the room. We hope every one of you and your friends and families are staying healthy and safe! That is our main concern.

We have cancelled a couple of trips but we are also cautiously optimistic about the future. If the time comes when we need to cancel or postpone another Image-Adventure to keep all of us safe, we certainly will do so without hesitation. Of course all deposits will be returned if that happens.

We still have a few Adventures on the calendar including Yellowstone in late May, the Arizona Monsoon Lightning Adventure in August and Alaska in September. We may add a couple of Adventures in the Fall. We’ll keep you posted.

While we are all staying indoors and away from other people, we are being productive by catching up with a lot of things. We are looking at the Image-Adventures calendar for 2021. We are working on our photo processing skills and reviewing many of the images from past years. To that end we will be posting some of those images on this webpage so you can see what we are doing. You can travel vicariously through our past adventures!

For now, please stay safe out there! We look forward to seeing you all when this is over! – SL & JG

Above image is an American Bison in America’s Serengeti, the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.

All Photographs © 2020 Sharon Lobel Photography or John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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