Tough Guy

This tough looking guy with a Napoleonic demeanor is a Pacific Slope Flycatcher. He’s probably not more than 4 inches long but he has a great hairdo (featherdo?) and that, “Don’t mess with me!”, expression. The image was captured in the extreme southern foothills of the Sierra where it meets the desert just north of Mojave, CA.

In case you are wondering… While still practicing social distancing, I can still make solo day trips and encounter far less people in close proximity than, say, a trip to Costco. On this day I had an exchange with just one person, who was wearing a mask (as was I), working the drive-through where I picked up a cold drink. (I also have hand sanitizer, gloves and wet wipes in my car)

All Photographs © 2020 Sharon Lobel Photography or John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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