Terrible Beauty


A haze permeates the Santa Monica Mountains after the recent devastating firestorm.  Once covered in chaparral and trees, everything visible in this image beyond the foreground ridge has burned with such a terrible ferocity that all there is left is rocks, ash and seared dirt.

The haze, dust and remaining smoke combine to create a terrible beauty in this sunset image.

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Nothing New

911 GT3 Hybrid 2010Sometimes we aren’t out shooting on Adventures or Workshops. We always advise you go out and photograph other subject matters that are interesting to you. It makes you a more well rounded and skillful photographer. Many of you know that Sharon also photographs surfing professionally and I photograph auto racing. Hence the above image.

Every few years, Porsche puts on a 4 day celebration of everything racing in the Porsche world. They call it The “Rennsport Reunion”. “Rennsport” simply means, “Racing” in German. At Rennsport, there are new cars, historic cars, famous drivers, and tens of thousands of enthusiasts on hand to watch them all race. The most recent Rennsport Reunion was held this last September at the Laguna Seca racetrack in Monterey, California.

During a quiet moment in the pit garage, this is the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid that raced in 2010. This is THE car that moved Porsche into modern hybrid racing and led ultimately to the car maker winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 2015-2017.

It’s interesting that we consider hybrids new technology. In fact, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche developed the very first hybrid automobile 118 years ago in the year, 1900! It seems fitting that Porsche now is having such success with it. Some things are not as new as they appear!

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If Looks Could Kill

Moose 1

I’m the intruder in this big boy’s domain. His expression reminds me that moose notoriously lack any sense of humor, so I give him a wide berth. Bear in mind that if I were standing next to this young adult, the top of my head would be below the level of his nostrils. This half ton bull with the serious demeanor is passing through autumn colored tundra and a stand of spruce trees in Denali National Park.

This is one of our wildest IMAGE-Adventure trips!

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Before Lunch

Tables and Chairs

When we teach, we try to help our students to be open to possibilities. Sometimes the composition isn’t an endless vista but a result of looking close instead. Here, tables and chairs awaiting their first customers are arranged just so. They make an intriguing pattern of shapes, textures and contrasts.

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California Central Coast: Butterflies to Elephant Seals IMAGE Adventure January 11-13, 2019

California Central Coast: Butterflies to Elephant Seals

IMAGE Adventure

This is going to be fun!

Join us January 11-12-13, 2019 for an IMAGE Adventure up to the rugged and beautiful Central Coast of California where we will photograph varied wildlife and stunning landscapes!

This will be an amazing IMAGE Adventure where you will be photographing some very small animals and some very large ones. This is the season when Monarch butterflies spend their winter in a particular grove of trees near the town of Pismo Beach. We hope for a warm day that makes these colorful insects active. It is also the season when the huge bull elephant seals are coming ashore north of San Simeon. There is much fighting for territory between the Volkswagen bus-sized animals and the conflicts can become quite intense. There are also hundreds of newly born elephant seals nursing with their mothers. Don’t be surprised if you witness a birth!

Photographing beautiful landscapes is also on our agenda. We will capture the soft visual rhythms of the Oceano sand dunes and the rugged, dramatic coast of Montana de Oro. Several locations along Morro Bay will give us a pick of subjects for capturing spectacular sunrises.

We will be based for two nights in Morro Bay which will serve as our hub for excursions.

The cost for this 3 day adventure is $200.00 per person. Couples $150.00 each. Price includes guiding, image evaluation and discussion and photographic assistance throughout the 3 days. Not included are transportation, 2 nights lodging and meals.

Deadline to sign up is December 1, 2018!

Only eight (8) participants maximum available! Minimum of four (4) participants.

Once you have signed up and paid: an itinerary, a list of recommended gear and camera equipment will follow.

Cancellations made within 4 weeks prior to arrival date, we will retain 10% of the reservation cost and 2 weeks or less of adventure date, we will retain 50%.

For more information please contact:

Sharon Lobel, ShutterBugSharon@aol.com, 818-802-7597 or John Grusd, JohnGrusd@gmail.com, 310-365-6364

Your Adventure Begins Here!