Milky Way and Star Trails Workshop

Dear Sharon and John,

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. We learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves. You guys are great! Also, thank you for the use of your tent.

Hope to see you at your next workshop.



Milky Way and Star Trails Workshop

Hi Sharon and John!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you both for the incredible workshop in Joshua Tree!! I learned so much and met many wonderful people! 

The materials, instruction and assistance was fantastic! Sharon, I can’t thank you enough for letting me borrow your intervalometer! I left it on your notebook on the campsite table. (since it was dark I was not able to examine it, so please let me know if you have any issues with it and I will replace it).

Best Regards,


Sequoia Landscape Workshop

Hi John:

Really enjoyed the workshop and got some great photos. 


Sequoia Landscape Workshop

Good morning Sharon & John,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great weekend. You really stretched our imaginations. It was great to see so many different parts of the forest. I know we would’ve never seen Kings Canyon on (our) own.
You both worked very hard managing such a large group and still giving everyone individual attention.  Really appreciated everything. 

Best regards,

Janine & Scott

California Central Coast


I am in awe.

I have just started uploading images into Lightroom and (have) done a small bit of Post Processing.  I am half way into my first glass of Brander Cabernet Franc, but the images you and John helped me create are nothing short of mind boggling.  I have weeks of tasty processing ahead.   I loved the individual attention, the organization was great, and the selection of locations amazing.


Milky Way and Star Trails Workshop

Sharon and John,

This is a tardy thank you for a very well organized, awesome workshop! The two of you make a terrific partnership.  I’m so proud of you… Your workshop was an enriching experience for all.  From the… meeting over lunch, the binders, John’s awesome visual aid lecture, knowing how every flipping intervalometer works, the generosity of your 1-on-1 time throughout the workshop, having everything anyone could ever need or want on hand, to loaning out memory cards (thank you JOHN! – Did you get it in the mail?), providing suggestions on what to bring, wear, load in your camera bag, providing a detailed time line, directions, etc.  You made sure everyone was well prepared to maximize their experience.  

On a scale of one to ten, Image-Adventures is a SOLID 22!



Arizona Lightning Workshop and Adventure

Dear Sharon and John,

Thank you for introducing me to lightning photography, I really enjoyed the experience and the opportunities that you added into the adventure: star trails and wild horse photo opportunities! Your patience and expertise provided me with an outstanding experience and I’m looking forward to future trips with you.

Best wishes, – CP

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